Mark Taylor's
Classes & Workshops

Body-Mind Centering ® classes and workshops are based on principles of embodied anatomy: the process of reminding the body of its intelligence, and investing it with awareness of its own function and nature. Taylor's goal in presenting BMC to groups is that each student should have a feeling of coming home to the body—an experience of deepening or enhancing his or her self- understanding.

Each class is an invitation to research the uncharted territory of internal sensory experience whether the class material is based in developmental movement, a particular body system, regional anatomy, cellular awareness or a specific application such as dance or yoga. Most classes will have a cognitive structure, an experiential arc and several layers of information presented, and will take into account both the simplicity of direct experience and the infinite complexity of the human organism.

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A typical class taught by Taylor will include much of the following:

  • Movement, games or other physical activities

  • Guided imagery

  • Discussion and feedback

  • Lecture

  • Hands-on work with partners or groups

  • Demonstration and observation


Taylor has taught and presented Body-Mind Centering ® for:

  • College and university dance programs

  • Professional dancers and other artists

  • Community groups

  • Elderhostel Pittsburgh

  • Senior centers

  • Health care professionals and care providers

  • Bodyworkers, yoga teachers and other holistic practitioners


Sample topics taught by Taylor include:

  • Enjoying our Bones: The Skeletal System

  • Dissolving Edges and Flowing into Form: The Dialogue of Fluids and Membrane

  • Standing on the Earth: The Foot

  • The Joy of Breathing

  • Balancing the Three Brains