Course Completion

Students must attend the 12 SME courses with passing grades and pass the culminating Competency evaluation. Students must submit a complete packet no later that 6 months after Competency evaluation including written homework reports, personal session forms and complementary studies reports, as outlined below.



Homework is intended to guide students in the process of communicating the work to others and in theprocess of integration and self-study. Written reports are required for:

  • 20 case study reports (application of the work to sessions with individuals or with groups). Four reports for each of the following courses: Senses & Perception, Skeletal System, Organ System, Basic Neurological Patterns, and Reflexes.


Personal Sessions

Personal sessions with certified teachers or practitioners of bodymindmovement or Body Mind Centering © are required in order to address personal issues and questions that arise in context of the courses. Session reports are required for:

  • 5 guidance sessions: one session on any five of the courses (one-half hour each, may be done in groups)

  • 2 individual sessions (one hour each)


Complementary Studies

Complementary Studies are required to initiate or advance the student’s mind practices and physical practices as applications of body• mindmovement studies. Short reports are required documenting the following:

  • Movement Practices (100 hours)

  • Mind Practices (50 hours)